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UAS Resources

1. UAVs in Global Health: Defining a Collective Path Forward: This report identifies opportunities and challenges for UAVs to develop and scale in the global health context, and it lays out a proposed investment roadmap for donors to coordinate their investments strategically to shape and accelerate this market. 

2. UAV Use Case Prioritization Assessment: This work provides a foundation for both 1) prioritizing a short list of use cases for UAVs in global health and 2) beginning to detail the requirements to operationalize these use cases. 

Partner resources

1. UAVs for Payload Delivery Working Group (UPDWG): UPDWG is a group of >230 members including practitioners and academics focused on the application of cargo drones in global health supply chains. Learn more on their 'About' page.

2. WEF Advanced Drone Operations Toolkit: Accelerating the Drone Revolution: This toolkit (2019) aims to enable regulators to learn from the innovative policy experiments occurring around the world and empower them to adopt these new governance models that accelerate the promise of drones for all. 

3.  UAV Delivery Decision Tool: This tool (2019) by FHI360 provides a simple 3-step process for providing technical assistance to governments and public health stakeholders, seeking  to determine whether and how to incorporate UAVs into their health system.

4. White Paper: What should you deliver by unmanned aerial systems? This paper (2018) by JSI Research and Training Institute, Llamasoft and John Snow´s in Supply groups gives an overview of the role of geography, product, and UAS type in prioritizing deliveries by UAS.

LMIS Update

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